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New Castle Learning Advantage (NCLA) is a Colorado Nonprofit organization. Offering specialized learning opportunities to students struggling in the regular classroom, we are based in New Castle, Colorado. NCLA is designed to be a short-term intervention for one to four years with the goal of the student returning to the regular classroom without modifications. We have been offering the Arrowsmith program since 2019, who's mission is to strengthen learning capacities.

For more information contact Dorothy Bleakley at



Full-time Program: $11,126.00  

Stand-alone assessment: $2,200.00

Symbol Relations: $2,000.00

Motor Skills Sequencing: $2,000.00

No CIPS offered for summer 2023

Classes are available online or in New Castle at 5175 County Road 335.

Students at the New Castle Campus can also sign up for Liberty Classical Academy enrichment classes for a fee set separately by LCA. Contact them at 970-984-0604 or


NCLA enrollment is limited.

For those considering the Arrowsmith Program, please fill out this questionnaire.



Dorothy Bleakley

Program Director & Lead Teacher

Dorothy Bleakley graduated from West Texas A&M in 1993 with her BS in Interdisciplinary Studies. During her time at A&M she discovered she was dyslexic. That set her on the path of wanting to help others with their learning disabilities. She spent 3 years as a SPED teacher and the district dyslexic specialist with the Amarillo,Texas school district. She took some time off from teaching to raise her three boys.During that time the family moved from Texas to Colorado. Once she returned to teaching, she taught in various roles and oversaw all the SPED children at Liberty Classical Academy. Tutoring and incorporating brain gym exercises into her time with students. In 2019 she went to Canada where she received her training and certification in the Arrowsmith Program. She is currently the director and teacher for the Arrowsmith Program at New Castle Learning Advantage. She is entering her 29th year as an educator and feels that the last 3 years have been the most rewarding and the first time that she truly feels like she is making a difference in the lives of those with learning struggles. The Arrowsmith Program has also helped her in her own reading struggles and now is an avid reader. 



Arrowsmith Teacher

Laurel Dye has worked in an Arrowsmith classroom as an aid 2020- 2022. She became fully certified and is now a Teacher in the Arrowsmith program at NCLA. Laurel is Classical Educated as well as a  graduate of Aspen Santa Fe Ballet, where she also teaches.  Her love of learning led her into studying brain function and neuroplasticity long before she was introduced to an Arrowsmith program. 


Now as an Arrowsmith teacher she loves marvelling in the wonderful creation that is the human brain.

Executive Director: Renee Miller

Board of Directors: Cody Fulk, Jeanette Thompson, Paige Haderlie, Lisa Lucio

Program Support: Jo Hendrickson

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